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Sommerbad Open Air

Partying in an abandoned swimming pool

published on 2012-06-19 by Sara
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Many won’t remember, but before Vabali Spa opened its doors in a no-mans-land of Moabit/Tiergarten, there was an old and decaying public pool. In fact, the indoor pool still exists, but the outdoor facilities, called “Sommerbad am Poststadion”, have been shutdown since 2002.

The Poststadion in Moabit is a landmark protected sports complex built in 1929. The Freibad (open air public swimming pool) had been shut down for economic reasons. Although one of the oldest recreational centers in Berlin, it just didn’t make sense to keep the pool open. This comes to no surprise, as bad weathers have repeatedly ruined any profit for outdoor swimming facilities. The Senate heavily subsidizes Berlins Freibäder everywhere.

Before the Sommerbad (or what was left of it) was demolished to make space for the new wellness temple Vabali (in my opinion, a welcome option), Berlin music label Fabelwesen organized an impromptu techno open air in the empty pool.

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