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Table Dance & Champagne Bottles

published on 2014-09-18 by Sara
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Have you ever been to a concert in a table dance club? There’s a first time for everything, I guess. In a spectacular “This is so Berlin” manner, Converse have outdone themselves on grandeur. Schönebergs local exquisite playhouse “Golden Dolls” got ready for Berlins best dressed fashion and music kids. Impatiently, all were waiting for the million dollar combo concert: Kindness and Blood Orange, on one stage, energetic, bopping, smooth, sexy, dancing and sweating, elegant and professional and highly addictive. With all the champagne popping, temperature was rising quickly.

Apart from the red velvet carpets, the comfortable cushioning, the extravagant pole dancing stage and the sexy atmosphere in general, it was the music that completely tore the roof off. While I’m not the biggest fan of either Kindness or Blood Orange (at least not in a sense where I could listen to the studio albums on repeat), the live act was really, really good and had me dancing like a mad man and continuously hitting people with my camera flash. Who woulda thunk a half-ass table dance club in Schöneberg could have better drinks and a better sound system than most properly prepared concert venues in Berlin? I’m not easily impressed, but here I am.

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