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Happy Birthday Sundays

published on 2012-09-20 by Sara
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All summer long we’ve been sort of mourning our lacking party fever. No convincing Open Airs except for one or two scattered between the sunny days, no twelve hour dancing-shifts til the sun rises, no spontaneous house parties that were filled to the rim with glorious moments of fun and youth.

We were pretty sure that this had to do with the parties getting worse and us getting older. So nowadays, when we head over to a birthday brunch on a Sunday afternoon, we don’t really expect anything dramatic to take place. Last Sunday though? Shit. Got. Wild. I can’t really recount how it happened. It was a sunny day and Steffen had invited his friends to his WG. It was fairly dark in there, with a bar in the living room and a ping-pong table set up and loud music blaring. When we arrived, nobody was really dancing – and yet there was an extraordinary vibe, like something was bound to happen here sooner or later. So we stuck around. And yeah, loads of things happened.

We promised our birthday-kid and friend Steffen to put the pictures online, and we’re doing it because we need proof that at some point in this summer, we DID have a good party.

And that’s really the best thing right there, when you end up dancing, laughing, drinking and falling over all the time without having expected it at all. When you stumble into a moment and just stay with it til you fall asleep. A living room, a bar, motivated people and loud music: that’s all you need for a big Sunday surprise.

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