Feeling a bit down and not really in a socializing mood, I decided to go walk outside in the sun. And I walked, and walked, and I ended up only a few stations from the former Tempelhof airport away. And so I took a walk through Tempelhof.

It doesn’t look that big when you’re there. To think that this is the biggest park inside of any city in the world seems ridiculous. You can look across the field! With that reasoning, I set out to circle the airport.

Needless to say I didn’t quite make it, and as soon as I arrived at the next exit, I took the chance and jumped off my plan. It’s huge, and it’s lonely. A deserted place, only every ten minutes would someone on their bike cross my path.

Needless to say, I loved it.

4 thoughts on “ Tempelhofer Freiheit ”

  1. Yes, that was my first reaction: I’m all alone here! And forget summer, I went there in a cold, snowy winter day, I was like one of 3 or 4 persons in the whole friggin park. Yes, as you know, you can see almost the whole park, as it’s all open and flat. Yes, the 10km2 or whatever it is!!
    But I kept coming back for some reason. You’ve got to concede it, it is something special, such a thing, so close to busy streets, surrounded by a a populated city…!
    It got a bit addictive and now I have to visit it, the desert in the middle of the city, (a 15 minute walk from my house), every once in a while, and let my mind get lost in footsteps. It feels good.

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