There is no universal, absolute “best pizza” in Berlin or anywhere else in the world for that matter. Pizza is so incredibly versatile that you can’t possibly find a benchmark of taste. All I can do is narrow down the niches of pizza and select what I’m in the mood for. One day, I’ll be craving the poetry of Prisma – quick, cheap and damn delicious street pizza – and the next I want to be treated by pizza as if it’s my seductive Italian lover.

Now that we’ve established that I don’t discriminate against any kind of pizza – haute cuisine, street, or even the ready made ones from the supermarket -, I must admit I have a very special place for Italian pizza in my heart.

Fratelli La Bionda

La Bionda is the extended version of our Kreuzberg favorite Goldener Hahn: finally, an Italian pizza restaurant that cares about an intimate atmosphere, vinyl sounds and a strong pizza in 30 different varieties. The stone baked pizza is super crispy but not lightweight. On first bite you can taste the freshness and high quality of the organic ingredients, a fact that is mirrored in the somewhat higher prices of the restaurant. The pizza is best enjoyed with one of the perfect Italian side dishes (the blissful Burrata, the light spinach salad or any carpaccio on the menu are my urgent recommendations).

Fratelli La Bionda, Bergmannstraße 31, 10961 Berlin

Mami Camilla

Mami Camilla proves that there can be a benchmark for the best pizza crust. Lightweight and crispy, as if you’re having a bite of a thin potato chip. And even though it’s that minimal and on point, the toppings don’t spill over or break the base. This is pizza architecture at it’s finest, accompanied with fresh tastes and overwhelming Italian passion. Owner Guiseppe Longo took his families trade secrets around the world to settle down in Prenzlauer Berg, and is currently establishing a proper “pizza culture” that any visitor can taste.

Mami Camilla, Hufelandstraße 36, 10407 Berlin

Il Casolare

Due to the proximity of my home, Il Casolare will always stay my personal favorite. I know that people love to hate it – even I do sometimes – because the service is always in a rush and the Italian hectic can’t be tamed, but the pizza is everything at once: succulent, crispy, creative, authentic, sweet, exciting and always – and I mean always – on a reliable standard of quality. That’s the Casolare signature – even if you order a standard Funghi or any other regular choice from the menu, it’ll still be the best pizza you’ve ever had.

(Honorable mentions should be the siblings of Casolare, I Due Forni and Il Ritrovo.

Il Casolare, Grimmstr. 30, 10967 Berlin


Also hailing from Napoli, Masaniello prepare their delicious pizza wood-fired. They pride themselves in having an STG certificate, which vouches for the authenticity of their Napoli pizza. The menu explains about the careful preparation of the dough, what the traditional toppings of pizza are and how to eat it properly, so for anyone who is looking for insights, this is probably worth a look. The thing about Masaniello that I like is that it doesn’t pretend to be anything more than it is: comfortable soul-food in an Italian atmosphere, with an uncomplicated, decent pizza that doesn’t need any exciting maneuvers to compete.

Masaniello, Hasenheide 20, 10967 Berlin

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  1. What a great article! I’m a huge fan of Masaniello but now I have some more Pizza places on my to do list I guess!Thanks!

  2. I happen to live close to Hufelandstraße, and we didn’t have plans for tonight’s dinner yet, so we checked out Mami Camilla, and absolutely loved it! Amazing pizza, amazing dessert! My husband was mighty impressed as well. Wish we had found this earlier. Now we’re moving soon, but pretty sure we’ll come back.

  3. As much as I agree with your choice and as much I love your writing :) … I highly recomend that you try out garda pizza in crellestr its a revelation for a foccaceria and it happens that I travel from my beloved Wedding, just for a piece of delicious funghi or carciofi pizza or the most deliscous sardelle :D … enough I believe I have to go there today!

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