On our roadtrip through South Africa’s Western Cape, which was sponsored by MINI, we had the opportunity to stay at many of South Africa’s best and most luxurious hotels. I wanted to dedicate a special part of my travel report to them. Every overnight stay has left a great impression on me, and I know I will remember every accommodation for the rest of my life.

All of the mentioned hotels hosted me for my stay, and although I am thankful for the generosity, I also might want to add that I could probably not afford a splurge vacation like that in my “normal” life. These hotels are better planned for as a special occasion sort of things for me. If I had to choose only one to go back to, it would definitely be the Sanbona Private Game Reserve!

One & Only Cape Town Hotel

The One & Only in Cape Town is a wonderfully lush resort set in front of a port scenery. This hotel is a 5-star-deal that will get you any amenities and perks you could ever wish for. The rooms are spacious, and the service is on top of it all. Although it’s a large place to be, this city resort – smack dab in Cape Town – will make you feel right at home. The pool and spa sanctuary are just the cherry on top of the ice cream. It’s quite a luxury and absolutely not taken for granted to have this sort of over-the-top vacation feeling in a metropole, so the One & Only – set against the Tabletop mountain in the background – did a hell of a great job with their design and service.

The pool of the One&Only in Cape Town

One & Only Resorts

Grande Roche Hotel, Paarl

The Grande Roche Hotel in Paarl, a few hours drive away from Cape Town, is absolutely stunning. This Chalet, on top of a hill of wine, is decadent, lush and full of heavy jewelry decor. Chandeliers and wine ranks, and yes, absolutely a lot of red wine, too!  Unlike a large resort, the Grande Roche feels small and traditional, but equipped with modern comfort and luxury. We stayed in the little terrace suites – small bungalows – which were scattered across the estate. Here, we were given a lot of space to roam in, a little welcoming gift (red wine from the estate) and obviously a most comfortable bed. The view from our terrace was amazing just as well, and had me think – just for a moment – that I was a princess in a Disney movie…

Grande Roche Hotel

Sanbona Private Game Reserve

And now, to my ever favorite overnight stay while I was in South Africa: the Sanbona Private Game Reserve. This luxury hotel is not just any resort. As the name already says, Sanbona is smack dab in the middle of a natural gaming reserve, a national park that is home to the Big 5 of South Africa. But unlike a camping site, Sanbona is absolutely beautiful. We stayed in beautiful, beautiful lodges with terraces that had jacuzzis built into them. If that isn’t enough: of course, there’s also a great restaurant and a spa. All of it isn’t the center of a stay at Sanbona, though. Obviously, the game drives are what make it so special.

Our guides made sure we were having a great time on our drives. They taught us a lot about the South African animals in this beautiful park, and they went out of their way to show us a beautiful sunset as well as lion cubs, elephant hordes and little cheetahs. It was an exceptional experience. Coming back to an ultimately luxurious lodge after such an exhilarating adventure is just the perfect conclusion to a trip like this. I also want to say that – although not cheap – a stay at Sanbona’s most luxurious lodges are around 350 Euro per person per night, including breakfast, lunch, dinner and the gaming walks and drives as well as complimentary water and beverages during the drive. I find that almost hard to believe. If you want to save a little bit of money, you can always opt for the equally comfortable, but less flashy explorer’s tent starting from around 280 Euro.


Sanbona Private Game Reserve