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The 5 Best Thai Street Foods In Berlin

published on 2013-07-16 by Sara
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If you have been to Thailand before and are searching for an authentic place to freshen up your tastebud’s memories, you definitely have to pay a visit to the so-called “Thaiwiese“. Situated in the heart of Charlottenburg-Wilmersdorf at Preußenpark, you’ll find a wide range of pan-fried, grilled and cooked Southeast Asian specialties that are far better than any Thai restaurant in town. Grab your picnic blanket, watch the vendors cook your dish on a simple gas stove on the grass or get your body streched by a real Thai massaged. We’ve listed our favorite foods that are available in the park.

1. Papaya Salad (Som Tam)

There are many Som Tam vendors in Preußenpark, but only one makes it fresh, and he’s the BEST. It’s possible that there will be a woman in his seat -they follow the same principle, but this is what the area usually looks like. This Som Tam is even more delicious than the one’s I had in Thailand.

2. Grilled Squid (on a stick)

There’s not much to say about the grilled quid. It’s grilled squid! It may look weird to those who don’t usually dabble in seafood, but it tastes delicious.

3. Sticky Rice with Mango

Sticky Rice with Mango and sweet coconut sauce is not the same, ever, as in Bangkoks street. But on the Thai-Wiese, there is a lady who prepares fresh, Thai mangos (not the ones that come in plastic already). Make sure you get a fresh one served.

4. Fried Banana

If you’re looking for an alternative for dessert, try the fried bananas.


5. Fresh Coconut

Actually, the fresh coconut seems to be a rarity on the Thai Wiese. I saw people walking around with some but I couldn’t spot the seller. It’s not as easy to get hold of here than in Thailand, I guess.

The whole crew including my gracious face of stupidness
Deep fried as fuck
Paying me. Because that’s what people are supposed to do. <3

The champ of champs. And don’t worry, Tandiss is wearing a Bikini. It’s supposed to show!
That Papaya Salad is unreal. Also, Niklas’ legs.
The umbrellas are great to keep rain and sunshine away. These ladies don’t get deterred by nature.
Funny and colorful drinks (Mango Lassi whatup) are waiting for you to make an insecure decision about buying them.
The stalls they set up are sometimes just ridiculous.

Some general advice for a Thai Park visit:

  1. Everything is stacked onto plastic and paper plates or into plastic bags. If you’re looking out for the environment, bring your own Tupperware and make sure not to leave any trash.
  2. Most of the serving sizes come at a price of 5 Euro as a standard, but you can go ahead and tell them that you want a serving of “2 Euro”, for example, and they’ll usually do that.
  3. Actually, the Thai Wiese is also “open” on Saturdays and even during the week at lunch hours, albeit in smaller dimensions. If you pass the park at any hour, just see if someone’s there. Especially in good weather.


Loads of trash. Take your own tupperware!
I haven’t tried them, but I heard the Phos are also great.


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