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The Boule Tournament

published on 2012-04-11 by Sara
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Of course the Landwehrkanal is a very popular area to hang out at when the sun is shining. One of it’s most beautiful marks is the Bouling Ground right at Forster Straße. Watching the water on one side and the relaxed players going after their game on the other side has a very hypnotizing effect on one’s mind (also, it gives the eye something to do instead of simply staring into empty space, as beautiful as it might be). Boule is a very classy sport. Whenever I pass by the players I keep thinking to myself: wow, this is the “savoir-vivre” everyone’s talking about.

Last weekend, the 1. BCK (“1. Boule Club Kreuzberg”) organized a Boule tournament including drinks and BBQ. It was a very calm and chilling environment to be part of. And along these lines, it’s also exciting to see what a few Boule fans can create: a whole community that revolves around a rare activity. It’s easy to appreciate the easy-going sport even when you’re not a player. In any case, as soon as the sun is out again (for good!) you’ll probably find us there, simply enjoying the scene.

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