Update: The Bowl has changed owners and hasn’t met our expectations since. We’ve left our old review up for the sake of history.

Thank you, mother earth, for your generous variety of lovely vegetables, seeds and fruits. I was addicted to bad carbs and blocks of bacon grease once, but now I know that I have sinned. I can’t participate in those nasty gangbangs anymore. I say: enough with the burger-bukkake. I am not that kind of person now, I am new, I am real, I am alive. I am disciplined, I am healthy, I am clean. I am a yogi at heart. I want to visit spiritual, mindful meditation festivals, I want to fly my heart across the ocean and help all the people become connected to their souls via their bodies, and most importantly, I want to look as hot as fucking possible before I book my summer vaycay.

Unfortunately, as soon as I committed to this particular lifestyle change, people started throwing some real shade. “What? You’re not eating carbs? But you do know that you have to count calories, right?” “What? You’re eating chia seeds? You’re such a hipster!” “So, you’re not going to have any of that dessert? I think you might be anorexic…” All my life have I been waiting for people to drop their wise ass opinions on me. My new detox habit has taught me discipline, how to love my body and also kind of to stop raving because I need the money to buy expensive food, but it definitely didn’t give me more friends in the process.

Finally, at last, I found my last resort. I’ve been hiding out there every weekend lately. It’s a new place in Friedrichshain. A place where nobody judges you when you want to change the rice to salad because you’re on a mean cut. In fact, you are even welcome to list all of your special eating habits (and potential disorders, obsessions and annoyances), and the staff will go through all the available dishes to find the perfect match to your order.

The Bowl“, it kind of says it all: bowls of super-foods. Organic, local, cool, wonderfully tasty, everything is raw, no gluten, vegetarian and vegan, I don’t know what else you could possibly want. It’s not just the bowls that are delicious, though. The smoothies and the juices are delightful as well. It’s not a café though, not like Daluma, for instance – it’s a real restaurant with real waiters and real tables. The Bowl solves a big problem for me and probably for others who want to live a conscious culinary life, for whatever reasons they may have: I always have to cook at home or restrict myself to shitty salads on the menu when I go out to eat. That kind of spoils the fun of socializing. Sometimes, I just want to be sure that what I’m eating is okay. Yes, I can still eat a pizza now and then, but now I can also chose a relatively quick meal that I know is going to be good and, hellooo, deeeliiishooooz.

There are only two annoyances that come to my mind at The Bowl: there is no tap water (i.e. water isn’t free) and you kind of really have to poop immediately after you ate because, uh, fiber.

This haven of peace and relaxation and collective insanity is right next to Warschauer Brücke, a place that I usually avoid because, well, Warschauer Brücke. But now? It’s funny how I even enjoy the walk from my home to my new culinary oasis. Since the opening, I’ve been there many times and made it my purpose in life to try all the different dishes at least once. I told my friends, colleagues and others to go there and have a bowl. There’s no particular bowl that stands out – just try them all.

I already had the „Raw Salad Bowl“, the „Mexican Bowl“, the „Falafel Bowl“ and the „California Bowl“ and I can’t really tell which ones the best.

In the menu you’ll find all sorts of nice appetizers as well, for examples spinach with sesame seeds, sweet potato fries with homemade ketchup or Wakame cucumber salad. I can highly recommend the most magnificent smoothies on the planet, with many local ingredients, super foods and magic. The last time we’ve been there we ordered RUN DMT and Purple Haze. Just, urgh, take everything.

I don’t know how else to express my feelings towards this restaurant, so to make you understand my feelings better, here’s a poem:

The Bowl 
by Tandiss

When I first came to The Bowl
I really wanted a chicken- yes, a whole.
But then I came to realize that real eyes realize real lies.

The lovely composition of the meal
the freshness, the taste- it was real
I stopped looking for meat and processed food
instead I ate a bowl and it changed my mood.

At first separately and then bite for bite
and then I mixed it which was alright.
Soon the smoothie and the bowl were empty
What was left were my memories of courgette spaghetti

I made a promise right away
that I would come back everyday
that I would change my eating manners
that I would go and buy bananas

Which I did..

Getting me high: PURPLE HAZE

The bf is also forced to his DMT smoothie. He better enjoy it because he HAS to drink it.
Even other guys like the healthy food at The Bowl. And that dude is seriously not healthy.
We’re getting old, so here’s an obligatory picture of the baby that was also healthy that day.


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