There’s enough said already about Copenhagen, so I’m not going to bore you with more travel tips. The city is a global favorite in terms of food, fashion, general style and pretty people. For someone who hadn’t visited a Scandinavian country yet, Denmark was long a front runner on my trip-list. I was eager to see this diamond on the coast. Copenhagen, in my mind, was always extraordinary design, gorgeous humans and rare art.

But let me keep this short: I visited Copenhagen and it was one of the best short trips I’d done in a while. I went with my old school friends and there was nothing quite like exploring the city together while taking long walks and roaming from snack to snack. We stopped every now and then to stare rudely at attractive people passing us, or to quickly spend a lot of money shopping (hello, Wood Wood and Ganni), had extensive dinners and fell happily into bed at night. So why did I love Copenhagen? Here’s my list.

No cash necessary

It’s ridiculous. Like an old fashioned traveler, I was in panic about urgently needing cash – in a different currency no less – so I exchanged my precious Euro into Danish Kronen at my bank. And since being used to being technologically challenged in Berlin, where even in 5 star restaurants you won’t survive without cash, I was really intent on having enough on me. This is something that has really traumatized me in Berlin. It’s 2015, people, even in the Congo they pay for beer with Bitcoins, get on it already. But bless Copenhagen, where you do not have to pay anything at all with cash! I was in credit card heaven. The hot dog stand? Credit card! Each and every drink at the bar? Credit card! And nobody was annoyed. Unfortunately I was also able to see how much I actually spent on alcohol.

Wi-Fi everywhere

I know, there should probably be more culturally involved things at the beginning of this list, but fuck it: there’s free Wi-Fi EVERYWHERE in Copenhagen! In every kind of train or public transport in the system you can easily log-in and check where you are, what you’re going to do, or simply stream a movie. Why? I say: WHY NOT!

Just The Right Amount

Like most of you, I am also addicted to salt. But not only because of the taste, but because of my hypothyroidism. Wherever I am eating out, I have to season on top of my meal. But for the first time in my life, everything I ate was perfect. New tastes, aromas and preparation methods were combined to exclusive tastes that I have yet to find again anywhere else.

Free Water

Americans may not find this necessarily surprising, but for Germans and especially Berliners, free water isn’t a common good in restaurants. But even when we ordered bottled water instead of tap water, the bottles were re-filled without asking and without charging us more than once.

The people

They are gorgeous, women and men alike. I wanted to marry every second Danish I found (hello – if someone, particularly someone Danish, is reading this – I am still available). Not just because of their hotness, but also because they were incredibly sweet, open and polite. You were continuously smiled at, talked to and made conversation with, or simply just asked how you were doing. Also not very German traits. Even the ticket checkers on public transport were calm, happy and relaxed – as opposed to our fucked up and unkempt Arbeitsbeschaffungsmaßnahmen-Kontrolleure in Berlin. Hey BVG – can you PLEASE do something about that?

The Lousiana Museum

A little bit outside of Humblebaek (a suburb of Copenhagen and about 35 minutes with the train), is directly on the sea and a great place to visit on a daytrip. You will find here one of the most important contemporary collections in the world, as well as a fantastic interplay of architecture and nature. This extraordinary synergy will have you drown into the rapids of the ocean, the mesmerizing interior design of the museum, into the world of art (of course) and I can promise that you will be taken out of the time-space continuum of our world for a few hours. Even those who aren’t particularly enthusiastic about art will find a place to linger here; to watch the sea, walk through the park of sculptures, lie down in the grass and to gauge on cakes and simply pass the time in peace.

Louisiana Museum Copenhagen

Public Spaces

When comparing different cities, you will quickly realize that not every place has focused on cultivating public places and spaces that invite inhabitants or visitors to remain. In Vienna, for instance, I really thought it was nearly impossible to dawdle in public spaces, and even worse is my hometown Wuppertal. Copenhagen is much, much different: there are endless possibilities to hang around outside, in public parks, on benches, anywhere in the inner city center.

I know you’re all still waiting for specific tips and locations, so here are the most important addresses in case you’re visiting soon.

Eating out in Copenhagen

Flæsketorvet 100, Meatpacking District
Dinner, Fish

Atelier September
Gothersgade 30
Breakfast, Lunch, Coffee

Foodmarket – Frederiksborgadde 21


Museums in Copenhagen

Gl Strandvej 13, 3050 Humlebæk

Dantes Plads 7, 1556 København


Walking and lingering in Copenhagen

Botanical Garden
Øster Farimagsgade 2B, 1353 København

Søerne – The Lakes of Copenhagen.
The Lakes consist of five basins, but in fact only three lakes
Sct. Jørgens Sø (the two Southern basins)
Peblinge Sø (the middle basin) and
Sortedams Sø (the two Northern basins).

Beside all the woderful disricts in Copenhagen, in Nørrebro you’ll find the coolest streets of Copenhagen. It’s close to the lakes and just a short walk from Nørreport S and underground station. In the cobblestone street Jægersborggade you will find Michelin star restaurants, funky cafes, vintage shops and wine bars. Elmegade is both for culinary visits as well for nightlife options a great choice.

Drinks & Bars in Copenhagen

Jolene bar
Flæsketorvet 81-85
1711 København V

To Stay in Copenhagen

Urban Hostel
Colbjørnsensgade 5-11
Copenhagen V, 1652