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The Visitor: Perspectives from Outside

published on 2010-07-14 by Sara
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Perspective is everything. Having my brothers around for a couple of days in Berlin made me realize that there are so many ways to view the city, and so many things to do that I would have recently just dismissed as lame or ‘too touristy’. Whenever someone comes to visit, I try to fix up the perfect plan, the best itinerary to see everything possible. My brothers? They where all “fuck that shit, let’s just go somewhere“. And that was it.

It was a beautiful weekend (not without the appropriate amount of drama that lies within the nature of relationships between siblings). For my brothers, taking in the atmosphere of the everyday life was overwhelming enough (part of the berlin routine that I forgot how to appreciate: smoking weed on the street, thousands of people protesting the Mediaspree plans, amazing burgers and falafel at the best places of the city, getting everything for cheap on easy going flea markets, chilling in the evening sun at the Spreeufer, hilarious people on the subway). And in the end, just roaming around town was better than finding something ‘special’ or ‘typically berlin’ to do – it’s all Berlin.

That makes my brothers sound like very deep-spirited and in-touch-with-themselves kind of people. I can promise: they’re not. Lovely blokes though.

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