Aquarium Berlin

The Aquarium Berlin next to the Zoological Garden is one of the most species-rich aquariums in the world. In addition to fish, reptiles, amphibians and insects live in the historic building.

I’d never been to the Berliner Zoo Aquarium and I kept thinking about those Hollywood movie scenes, where they (most likely a romantic couple) meet in the dark front of the huge glass windows and watch dolphins make love to the new Björk Album or something. They’ll sit on a bench and hesitantly touch fingers, then she will put her head on his shoulders, and together they metaphorically dive into the world undersea, and all of that symbolizes the journey of their new love. It’s not unrealistic. When I visited the impressive aquarium in Valencia, I had some of that feeling, albeit being alone (</3).

The one in Berlin? Turned out to be an exercise of dodging middle schoolers and being disappointed, because the shark tank was under construction. Where did they put the sharks in the meantime? I will never know.

For purely educational reasons, it was quite interesting to see the fish and the reptiles and all of the different little stuff that I like to call “seafood”. Apparently it used to have the largest crocodile thingie, and then the bombs dropped in WWII so they never did that again. The aquarium in Berlin is rather meh, to be quite honest.

However – and this might surprise you – there is another, much – much! – worse aquarium in Berlin: The AquaDom & SeaLife. When I moved to Berlin, I was sold entrance tickets with my BVG pass, and it was literally a joke, except I cried in the end. There are no real animals in that aquarium. It’s like a terrifying Madame Tussauds, but for deep sea creatures.

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