Apartment Prices in Kreuzberg/Neukölln 2006

My precious friend Georg just sent me over a list of apartment listings in Berlin from September 2006. He was looking for a new place to live back then, and for whatever reason, he saved a list of interesting places.

People have been talking quite a while about how Berlin has become more expensive, but just how much more expensive is ridiculous to look at. I moved to Berlin in 2008, so I still remember somewhat affordable rent in Wedding. But having looked around for better places and apartments to stay at, I know it’s literally impossible to find flats like those listed, in these areas especially.

But I don’t want to leave a big political commentary. It’s really interesting to look at what can happen in an urban environment in less than 10 years. I’ll be happy if I can find any 3+ room flat for less than 1000 bucks in Neukölln now.

4 Zi., Katzbachstr. , 99 m2, 540,- zzgl., san. AB, Bad (Kreuzberg)

Gneisenaustr. 89, 4 Zi , 132m2/144m2, 799/899€ WM, VH, ZH (Kreuzberg)

Nähe Landwehrkanal (Maybachufer), Schinkestr. 6: 5-Zi.-Whg., 150 m2, Altbau, EG, VH, verkehrsgünstig, gefliestes Wannenbad, GEH, WG-geeignet, NKM 700,- €, BK 170,- € + HK. (Kreuzberg)

Terrassenwohnung am Moritzplatz , 5 Zi., 124 m2, WBS ERFORDERLICH! Schöne Familienwohnung im gepfl. Neubau, helles Hochparterre mit Garten, Einbauküche, Wannenbad, Gäste-WC, ZH, Kammer, Iso-Fenster, Keller, 880,- WM, prov.-frei, ab sofort.  (Kreuzberg)

Komfortable 126 m2!!! 2.OG, Naturdielen, 769,- w, EBK, G- WC, gefl. W- Bad, prov.- frei, Kfz- Platz mgl., Karl- Marx- Str. 194 (Neukölln)

Super Dachgeschoss!! Komfort- Maisonettenwhg., 79 m2, EBK, Naturdielen/Parkett, K-TV, gefl. W- Bad, 629,- warm, prov.-frei, Sonnenallee 77 (Neukölln)

Weichselstr. , schöner Stilaltbau, Miete nur 3,75 €/m2, 4 Zi., hell, alles neu und weiß, ca. 130,16 m2, 2 neue Bäder m. Bad-Spiegelschränken, Deckenstrahlern, neue EBK, GEH, Teppichboden. Miete 488,- € + BK 145,- €. Prov.-frei. PKW-Stellpl. mögl. (Neukölln)

Graefestr., 3 Zi., 78 m2, WM 560,-, Laminat in allen Räumen, EBK, WB, EG, ab 1.11.06 an NM. (Kreuzberg)

Schöneberger Str. , 3-Zi.-Maison.-Whg., 85 m2, 670,- WM, 2 Etagen, 1.+2.OG, Nähe Postdamer Platz/ Anh. Bahnh., hell, Lamin., oben Wintergarten, GäWC/Bad m. Fenster (Mitte)

3 Zi., 90m2, hell, Forsterstr./Ecke Paul-Lincke-Ufer 90m2, 3. OG. Holzparkett, Balkon, EBK, 550,- WM.

–> I live on this street, in a 3 room apartment with less than 90m2 since 2012, and l’m definitely paying double the rent.

Pflügerstr 3 Zi. Whg, 86qm, rg. Lage, hell, AB, EBK, Balkon, Dielen, nahe Maybachufer, 2. OG, 2er WG geeignet, GEH, 550€ WM, gute Einkaufsmgl. (Neukölln)

3 Zimmer Stilaltbau , top renoviert, Miete pro m2 nur 3,75 €/netto, ca. 114 m2, niedrige Miete, guter Grundriß, neue EBK, neues Bad m. Fenster, Balkon, Kabel-TV, GEH, 3.OG, ruhig und hell. (Neukölln)

5 Zi. Mariannenpl. , 107 m2, 700,- € warm, AB, Bad, EBK (Kreuzberg)

4 Zi., 94 m2, m. Garten , NB, Kochstr. 59 b, HP, EBK, Balkon, WBS erforderl., € 495,- k + NK (Mitte)


For amusement reason, I looked for apartments bigger than 50 square meters in Kreuzberg, just to compare very quickly (whatever the statistical value of that may be):


3 thoughts on “Apartment Prices in Kreuzberg/Neukölln 2006

  1. Yeah, I do remember when my friends began emigrating from Munich to Berlin, we all thought rents were crazy! Crazy low that is. Then in 2013, I moved to Berlin myself and there were none of those low rents anywhere. It didn’t feel much different from Munich. I think €10/sqm is now the norm.

  2. Yes thats what we thought when all my friends from Stuttgart moved to Berlin around 2007. Some flats were even cheaper in Neukolln and the ones who bought their flat in these days are now very happy :)

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