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Tiergarten & Café am Neuen See

published on 2013-02-15 by Sara
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During the winter time of the year, Tiergarten resembles a mysterious, enchanted forest. It’s so empty. With the occasional runner passing our way, we were basically alone.

Snow was freshly covering the ground, even though there hadn’t been any snowfall in a while.

Man-made sculptures are scattered across the park, every now and then a fresh colored plant peeks out of the blue and white and green. Ice is frozen over in some of the creeks but not in others. People have etched their names or wise phrases into the trees.

We ended at the Café am Neuen See, a wonderfully romantic café and restaurant that is so worth the trip. Candle lighting and a winter garden made of panorama windows really seals the deal. The service could be better and the prices are only okay, but the cakes are great, and it’s a cozy atmosphere to sit in the panoramic winter garten. Makes for a great Spaziergang.

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