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today&tomorrow Speed Show

published on 2010-07-24 by Sara
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You’d think a “speed show” is a crazy idea that would work in theory but wouldn’t find someone to dare execute it. I didn’t expect anyone to make a premiere, but hey, count on Berlin to make it happen. More specifically, the dude behind today&tomorrow. It was pretty cool, although I am still not sure what the .gifs had to do with anything (except that they were displayed on the computers and everything, I just mean that I don’t know what the .gifs were supposed to represent – but it’s not like I would get it either way, so yeah, whatever).

Switching the usual location of an exhibition from something posh, elegant, extravagant or formal to the very epitome of a store that is only needed when passed was an interesting contrast in the context of ‘artistic gallery space’. Art, without trying to touch much the controversial definition problems, is useless at its core, whereas a Späti or a net-café is purely functional in its existence and has no aesthetic requirements to work. That’s pretty much an artistic statement in itself.

For those who don’t know: German stores usually close down around 8 PM, so to get a drink during the night is nearly much impossible if you don’t want to spend your checks on expensive bars or nightclubs (or equally expensive gas stations). Berlin is almost exclusively advanced in that matter: Spätis are the sidekicks of the night, usually open 24 hours and significantly cheaper than their gas station counterparts. Berlin without Spätis? It would never have become the city it is today.

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