Tommi’s Burger Joint

Burgers are the new bubble tea in Berlin. It seems as if on every corner of the Kiez, new burger shops are opening up. Even though most of them are decent enough, unfortunately, they all seem to represent the same burger styles as always (albeit considering more veggie options and healthier produce).

Still, I’m a big fan of a burger beyond the franchise classics, especially so when the burger is not only delicious but can guarantee a sturdy architecture. There’s nothing worse than a burger that falls apart after the first bite! Burgers that are so overstuffed with random salad and too much sauce are also on my no-go list.

Tommi’s enters a niche that hasn’t been occupied yet: a traditional, very minimal, but to the core classic delicious burger. When I think “burger”, this is exactly what I want: a perfect size of burger with a perfect amount of sauce with tomatoes and pickles and a refreshing lack of watery lettuce. Instead, everything is crispy and juicy without dripping or soggy.

The fries, American in style, aren’t crazy innovative, but they’re a perfect match and fried to the point.

Welcome to Tommi’s Burger Joint, the first Icelandic burger of family tradition!

The atmosphere of the restaurant is super friendly. They’ve set up shop in an old pharmacy, as I was told, and they’ve made sure to underline the typical Berlin style with their own touch of coolness.

Icelandic people know how to decorate – and, as far as I know, they sure know how to cook a perfect burger. A special mention goes out to the incredibly tasty and filling milkshakes. I’m not usually a big fan of drinks that are fattier than my main meal, but I happily made an exception. I can only whole-heartedly recommend Tommi’s.

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