Wade through autumn foliage

The famous German Spaziergang is a very important part of our culture, and spazieren gehen amidst golden trees is a prerogative of Berlins tree lined roads and parks.  Südgelände, for example, is a wonderful area to take your dog to or to just watch graffiti sprayers take turns on the Hall of Fame. If that seems too far out of your way, try the Tiergarten or a stroll on the Landwehrkanal through Kreuzberg.

Visit the Gemäldegalerie

Bright, warm sunshine and colorful leaves aren’t always guaranteed. Autumn in Berlin can be a fickle thing. When it rains, it pours. Thankfully, there are plenty of cultural institutions to keep your moral up! I can highly recommend the Gemäldegalerie. This museum of paintings has an incredible range of exhibitions, and in general, I find that huge paintings give me a lot to look at – especially when it’s not contemporary, but historical art. Museums like the Gemäldegalerie transfer me to other cultural capitals of Europe – Paris, Madrid, Roma, and catapult me into different historical eras.

See A Movie

We deeply love the Neues Off cinema on Hermannstraße and the Eiszeitkino in Kreuzberg. Kino International, Odeon and Intimes are also on the list of pretty movies with interesting (and mostly in original languages) titles.

Oysters & champagne at KaDeWe

On Saturday afternoon, many Berliners like to indulge in Oysters and Champagne at KaDeWe. This decadent treatment has been a tradition since 1907. The Oysters are known to be the freshest in town on the 6th floor of the premium department store and historical icon KaDeWe. Here, more than half a million oysters, 23000 lobsters and 2800kg of caviar are consumed per year. Autumn in Berlin is as good as time as any to chug down the bubbly, but when it gets cold, you can find refuge in Westberlin.

Escape to the Baltic Sea

It’s off-season. Schools have started again, and most people are saving up their vacation days for Christmas. Now is the time to pay the Baltic Sea a visit; not necessarily to dive into the cold waters, but to find peace and calm on a short trip to the ocean. You’ll have the beach, and the apocalyptic weather, all to yourself. Hiddensee is a wonderful island (at any time of the year). If you’re looking for an upscale hotel with spa, Schloss Gamehl should cater to your needs (better to have a car if you want to stay here, though).

Explore The Indoor Fleamarket at Arena

If you’re looking to strike a bargain, you’re in the right place. You can waste endless hours scoring for furniture, electronics, knick-knacks and even old fur coats. Although you won’t find a lot of fashionable stuff here, you’ll definitely enjoy the eerie experience.

Visit the Pfaueninsel

The Pfaueninsel is wonderful in the summer, but in the fall, it transcends beauty: how eerily alone you will feel on this small island, with only uncanny peacocks to keep you company…

Visit the Stasimuseum

Dive deeply into Berlins GDR history with a visit to the Stasimuseum. Here, the old ministry of state security has been kept in its original state. It’s not only informative (if you care to read the texts), it also captures really well the atmosphere – provided by the architecture and interior of the building – of the times before the fall of the Berlin Wall. It’s as close to time travel as it can get.

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