Patience was needed in that monster queue that formed outside of the campus Hardenbergstraße. The Universität der Künste was crowded immediately with fashionably weird kids, artists, critics, ravers and students.

When we finally got in, we were relieved to see that everything was intensely well done (in a chaotic way) as always. The courtyard was shrouded in magical lights and, uhm, contemporary German rock-pop music (I think?!) and everyone was having a good time. The students responsible for mixing the cocktails were mostly passed out by 11, and the visitors all ended up on the second courtyard bumping and grinding to the annual dance of hip hop and other genres.

Typically, the art shown at the Rundgang would need more invested time to really see; for me, the Rundgang is an overview of “things other people are doing in Berlin” plus a big night out. The art, for me, is in the explosion of the whole city in that gorgeous building; I call it “accidental art”, with all that stuff lying around in the hallways and the people becoming caricatures of a typical Berlin event. It always reminds me that summer will soon be over.

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