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Upper East Side Berlin

published on 2010-06-29 by Sara
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The office I work at is located in the heart of Berlin, Stadtmitte – right next to the Gendarmenmarkt. It’s one of the most beautiful spots in architecture and leisurely posh living in Berlin. I obviously prefer the dirty sides of the city to the expensive business attire districts. But it does have its nice sides: always happy and smiling tourists, spontaneous orchestras, and the view. Oh, the view.

Sadly, I have become very blind to my surroundings. One year of rotting in the office does that to you. Since we’re leaving the office next week for a bigger one (five minutes away from Gendarmenmarkt, but still feels like entirely different world), this might just do it justice. I took a walk from my work place to Oranienburger Tor and thoroughly enjoyed the early evening sun. How beautiful the juxtaposition of modern glass buildings to the rare remnants of the second world war- and how thought provoking.

I did sweat my ass off though, so it’s the train again tomorrow.

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