When my parents or someone else in my family come to visit me, I usually recommend the Sofitel Kudamm for their stay. There’s an easy reasoning behind it: as an urban hotel, the Sofitel caters to all visitors. It’s location is perfect for the occasional shopping trip and for perfect public transport, and if your guests are not accustomed to the Germany way of closing hours, then it’s good to have them somewhere where there’s still some nightlife activity.

The Sofitel Kudamm is perfect for families and businesspeople

But the Sofitel is more than just that. As a big hotel that caters to businessmen as well as families, it provides a good mix of elegance and comfort. When I stayed over to test the hotel, I was surprised to find it very well designed and absolutely non-offensive to any target group. Although I don’t usually stay in big hotels like that, I thought it provided enough intimacy to feel like a small boutique hotel.

Part of that atmosphere is created by the muted colors around the house, and the nod to the Bauhaus era which is embedded within the Art Deco architecture. The sleek interior architecture let’s you forget that you are in a very crowded (and trashy) part of town. As with any hotel of this kind, the Sofitel Ku’Damm has plenty of rooms – of which none feel cramped, even though they’re small.

The rooms provide guests with all possible amenities – TV, minibar, and an ultra-large, comfortable bed. One of the perks of the Sofitels high-rise: the view over the skyline of Berlin. Although there’s not much to see, it’s still great to get one of the rare views from the top in this city. Kudos to Sofitel for letting us enjoy such a marvelous panorama!

The staff had just the right balance between professional and super friendly – exactly the way I like it. Don’t mistake Sofitel Ku’damm for just another hotel, though. This is still a 5 star hotel, and the rest of the clientele as well as the service will make you feel that way most of the time.

Activities at the Sofitel on Kurfürstendamm

Berlin is literally in front of your room door, so I doubt anyone’s going to feel bored at the Sofitel on Kudamm. The Zoo, Aquarium, KaDeWe and the big theaters are only a walk away. That said, you can definitely use the time there to unwind in the spa or in the steam rooms. Full disclosure: I didn’t try either. Unfortunately, Sofitel doesn’t have a swimming pool – that’s possibly my only negative aspect.

Dining out at Le Faubourg restaurant

What we did try was the fabulous fine dining experience at the Le Faubourg restaurant. This upscale restaurant is perfect for a romantic night out, an anniversary or complimenting a fabulous stay at the Sofitel Kudamm. The Faubourg has become one of my favorite restaurants in Berlin. It offers a menu ranging from classic French to modern sous-vide French, and an exceptional wine pairing that had me in awe for a long time. The smart service at the restaurant really made our stay even better. On the weekend, there’s a live DJ booking. The bar in the lobby is also pretty well frequented, so all in all the place becomes an upbeat hotspot of the city west.

I was also thoroughly impressed by the buffet breakfast. Although I hate – loathe, detest and could kill – buffets, this one was exceptionally well prepared, fresh and offered a great diversity. The plates were refreshed every couple of minutes and the service was on point. All in all, the Sofitel Kudamm will definitely get you some bang for your buck.

The Sofitel is a big name brand and offers many rooms, caters to families as well as businesses and though smart in appearance, can be a bit anonymous when you want to connect. People who regularly stay in private AirBnBs might not see the practical aspects of the location, but many travelers were raving about the hotel when I recommended it.