While exploring Gleisdreieckpark, we stumbled upon a little makeshift cabin. I’m not sure whether this is an art installation or a bonafide housing solution, but my gut says it’s a combination of both. There are traces of a graffiti and urban art crew – New York 1973 – everywhere. I assume they’re responsible for this. We found it on top of the former train tracks just above Yorkstraße, accessible through Gleisdreieckpark.

Decorated with pictures of its development process, a guestbook and tools, the cabin is definitely meant to be seen and explored. Although I doubt it, I do hope it’s still there.

This ephemeral space between art, public intervention and trespassing is probably unique to Berlin. I highly appreciate these discoveries. If you had told me about this shed beforehand, I would realistically not have dedicated a whole afternoon to it. But there’s magic in the unknown and excitement in the unexpected. As lame as this adventure may be, things like this are undoubtedly the little highlights of urban life.

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