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vector lounge berlin

published on 2010-11-08 by Sara
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last time i went by cab from kreuzberg all the way over to charlottenburg i had a chat with the cab driver about berlin´s economy. it was obvious for us that berlin has different rules for something like that. if there is one at all you can´t compare it to other german cities and their traditional producing industries. so he claimed what was nearest for him and told me everything about how important the tourist industry is and how berlin would sink to the ground like a broken ship if the tourists would stay away.

i agreed but insisted that there is another industry that i have in mind as one of berlins biggest capital. it´s the creative economy. doing something in the media is a phrase that you can hear in nearly every second conversation if you hang around the bars, clubs and galleries of the city. creating is part of the berlin lifestyle and something that people can afford in difference to other german and european cities.

the output is massive as well as the inspiration that reaches from the work of the streetartists up to the contemporary artworld, from the design communities over to the bloggers all the way to the huge music scene. i love that and this berlin activism also pushes and inspires the way I wanna work and live.

coming together to network, brainstorm and cooperate is one part of that creative lifestyle. since the weather gets more and more autumnal –vector lounge combines everything a creative brain wants. a warm place, some nice drinks, chats and of course creative work. the concept is simple. under the theme “revolution” – four designers and illustrators from berlin and four from paris battle live online and in realtime for the best city style which you can still vote for here.

the concept is international. look forward for the next battle wich will copenhagen against berlin december, 2nd.

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