Alexanderplatz: Tourist purgatory. You can imagine my surprise when I heard that the first annual Vegan Sommerfest was going to be right between all the mindless shoppers, the tasteless stag parties and the mobile Rostbratwurst grill vendors.

I’ve been trying to go vegan for a few weeks now, with some ups and downs on the road. I am not opposed to eating meat, but opposed to the industrialization of its production. What really helps is a great community that teaches you how to transition as best as you can. So when I visited Alexanderplatz this past weekend, I was not only looking at the Vegan Sommerfest as a food market, but as a place to share experiences and evaluate my struggles with others like-minded people.

Many people got lost in the delicious smells and the range of non-animal products, and some of them may have been just tourists or shoppers who randomly stopped by to try vegan burgers, tacos, döner, waffles, chocolate, ice cream – just to name a few products. Some stuff took a bit more getting used to, like the tofu varieties. Some of the vendors are already well known on the Berlin Vegan Map, like Brammibal’s Donuts on Maybachufer.

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