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Weboogie Openair 2013

published on 2013-08-05 by Sara
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The underground Open Airs have gone into hiding. With Facebook, Twitter and Blogs being responsible for the information circulation, illegal open airs have become too big to sustain. Too many people raise suspicions among officials and police, and most of the popular spots – Hasenheide, for instance – are now watched very closely. That’s why the spirit of a Berlin summer – Open Airs – have become a scarcity. They have to stay top secret and best far away from the lively neighborhoods, which makes them very “niche” events. It’s paradox, as those spaces were usually holy sites of tolerance and openness towards anybody.

We really appreciate the full efforts of our beloved WeBoogie Crew for providing us with the first proper makeshift-rave of the summer. They have not only found a perfectly undisturbed location but also a full line-up through the whole night to keep the people dancing. Thumbs up to Shlomp, DT64, Genys, Bass Gang and all the other kids who brought the little forest clearing to life and dance!

It was really interesting to visit an Open Air without the usual Techno crowd but instead raving to Hip Hop, Bass, Funk, Breakbeats, Future Garage Sounds and other stuff.  Right next to us, there was in fact another techno open air. The NotExactly and WeBoogie crews were working together that day, sharing logistics and planning. They even managed to bring a Function One soundsystem and cold drinks.

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