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Winter Sunday Apple Pies

published on 2011-08-02 by Sara
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Someone recently tweeted that they were mad at Berlin – if they’d wanted bad weather they would’ve moved to London instead! I jokingly replied “Dude, if the weather is what made you chose Berlin you deserve it”. But I’m not joking anymore. I really can’t deal with the downpour of the past few days.

Our moods, directed by nature, have been set: listening to Bon Iver and cuddling while watching classic movies sounds way nicer than “waiting for the rain to end so we can go out to party”. You know what, sun, summer, and warm weather? Go away! We’re ready for hoodies and sad music! We want to bake apple pie with our dearest friends! We want to stand in crowded clubs to keep each other warm and spend the next Sunday at a hungover bake session!

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