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YuMe Gyozas

published on 2014-10-13 by Sara
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Among my circle of friends, nobody can stop talking about the current Berlin food craze. “Burger is the new Berghain”, for we used to spend our Sunday afternoons in a dark Techno club. Today, we go binge-eating in different places in Kreuzberg and Neukölln because there are a gazillion new restaurants, diners and snack bars that we haven’t tried yet.

There’s a great risk this blog will turn into a food exclusive thing, but it’s really hard to bypass the culinary development currently going on. Besides, why would I? As I’ve stated more than once, I love food. I love diversity in food. I love Asian food especially. And so it was only a matter of time until I had to try the YuMe Gyozas on Pannierstraße.

The little shop on the corner of Weserstraße is very simple. There are only two things on the menu: Chicken Gyoza and Veggie Gyoza. I already love it. No fuss at all – just two very well made things. Gyozas are the Asian (or more specifically: Japanese) version of dumplings. You can vary your choice of sauces (the Wasabi sauce is a beast), but that’s it. Everything is homemade – you can practically watch them being done. You know those Currybuden where you can take away quick street food (mostly fries)? This is the same concept, except it’s somewhat more special (because Gyozas don’t come around so often in Berlin) and you can just grab some quickly on a short stop while walking to the next bar or to Karstadt or to catch the bus or if you’re just craving some without having to sit down or actually don’t know what you want to eat but you still want to eat something decent.

YuMe passed the Imbiss-Test easily and I’m looking forward to my next serving. There’s a new Ramen shop right next to it (I guess it’s the same owners) but I’m too loyal to Cocolo to go and try that one. But convince me otherwise if I’m wrong about my assumptions.

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